Corlia Burton – Muscle Soothing Bath Salt with Wintergreen

Hi, my name is Corlia Burton. I am 47 years of age and have lived with chronic pains and aches form the age of 16. It just got worse as I grew older.

Two years ago I have been diagnosed as being a sufferer of Fibriomyalgia. At last I knew the source of my problem and I have tried everything I could, over the span of two years to alleviate the symptoms. I even went as far as to try Cannabis Oils and low dosages of Morphine.

A few weeks back I received a product from HerbaZone – Muscle Soothing Bath Salt with Wintergreen.

I did not buy the product with Fibrio in mind, but merely to add to my bath water as a means of relaxation.

To my surprise I found almost immediate relieve from muscle aches and stress, blocked sinuses and I experienced a sense of well being, which I have not felt in many years past. I actually start looking forward to having a proper day ahead of me, instead of anticipating which part of my body is next to cramp and ache during the course of the day.

I feel much less depressed and even though the symptoms have not disappeared, it has become much more bearable.

I have used this product close on to three weeks now and during this period alone, the symptoms of Fibrio has lessened remarkably.

I do not have words to describe how grateful I am for using your product and my wish is for every Fibriomyalgia patient that reads this Testimonial to give it a try. If you have Fibrio you will know that desperation sometimes drives you to dark alleys, but here is a product that is clean, healthy and definitely deserves your attention.

My best wishes to all my fellow sufferers out there and also a very heartfelt “Thank You” to HerbaZone for placing such an excellent product on their shelves.

Yours Sincerely.
Corlia Burton